Solar Power system

O2 Solar Power Solution (O2SPS) is a subsidiary of O2 Technologies Nigeria Limited Which offers a wide range of solar products and power solution services.

O2SPS goal is to focus on innovative solar product development/design, installation, modern sales and marketing techniques and effective customer support and services.
Through partnership and outsourcing of non core activities to core party experts, we expect to maintain cost effective business operation that will provide value to our customers

Solar technologies that combine cutting-edge product design with practical customer's benefits are the key to our success. This approach is the core of O2SPS product introduction to the market. It is also through this effort we aim to raise the environmental awareness of the global customers, thereby reducing carbon emission


  • Solar PV Training
  • Sales and Support
  • Design, Installation & Maintenance of solar products
  • Renewable Energy Consulting
  • Solar rural Electrification Projects
  • Solar water projects
  • Solar households products such as solar Fan, Fridge, solar generator etc.
  • Inverter
  • Batteries
  • CCTV cameras